New Hampshire

The YWCA Supervised Visitation & Child Exchange Center (the Center) at YWCA New Hampshire is committed to empowering families by providing a neutral and safe environment for children to build and maintain relationships with both parents in an effort to attain the common vision of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Neutrality is intended to convey respect for the potential importance of each parent in the lives of children whose family is coping with separation.

The Center is dedicated to creating an environment that encourages parent-child relationships in a non-judgmental, conflict-free, and loyalty impartial way by:

  • Providing children safe access to each parent.
  • Improving compliance with court orders and visitation agreements.
  • Reducing child exposure to parental conflict.
  • Empowering participants to reclaim their family lives by minimizing exposure to domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and substance abuse.
  • Encouraging co-parenting by role modeling safe communication styles

How can a family benefit from supervised visitation or monitored exchanges?

Families coping with a history of domestic violence, stalking, or other threatening behavior are most often referred to the Center. However, the Center also works with families having risks of abduction.

  • Victims of domestic violence are able to meet their court ordered visitation requirements while maintaining no contact with the other party.
  • Non-residential parents are able to comply with court ordered visitation without violating protective orders or bail conditions, if present.
  • Children are able to maintain a relationship with both parents, with as little conflict of loyalty as possible and without fear of witnessing domestic violence.