New Hampshire

Families and Parenting: Family Education Collaborative & Community Services

The Family Education Collaborative is:

  • A collaboration between the YWCA New Hampshire, UNH Manchester and Child and Family Services of New Hampshire, for the purpose of strengthening families in Manchester and New Hampshire;
  • Initially funded by UNH Cooperative Extension and the UNH Outreach Scholarship Program. Additional funding is being sought from a variety of sources.

The Family Education Collaborative will provide:

  • Direct education, services, and resources to Manchester parents and caregivers, including evidence-based parent education programs on all aspects of parenting healthy and vibrant children, in all types of family settings;
  • A voice for families in Manchester to assist in making their community a better place to raise children;
  • A vital laboratory for students and researchers studying effective design and delivery of family education programs and a chance to interact with parents from diverse backgrounds;
  • A model program that will provide leadership in program design and research to 24 member agencies of Family Support New Hampshire, and an alliance of other family and parent resource centers throughout New Hampshire.

The research shows that:

  • Parent education is effective in reducing child abuse and neglect (Huebner, 2002);
  • Family resource centers such as the Family Education Collaborative can reduce community rates of juvenile crime, addiction, and delinquency (Farrington and Welsh, 1999);
  • Parent education saves real dollars by preventing costly social service, justice and mental health system intervention (Farrington and Welsh, 1999);
  • Healthy families are more productive in the workforce, contribute positively to their communities, and raise children who perform better in school (Brandon & Temple, 2007).

To sign up for a class, please contact:

The Family Education Collaborative, 72 Concord Street, Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 625-5785.